Almirante Irízar ja Argentiinan jäänmurtajat (oli: Almirante Irizar tulessa)

Aloittaja Jari Aromaa, 12.04.2007, 10:47:14

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Jari Aromaa

Argentiinalainen murtaja Almirante Irizar on tulessa Etelä-Atlantilla.

"Argentine icebreaker "Almirante Irizar" is ablaze in the South Atlantic and all the crew has abandoned ship in an orderly way, with no loss of life or injured, reported the Argentine Navy Wednesday in a press conference in Buenos Aires. Apparently fire broke out late Tuesday night in the generator room for unspecified causes and rapidly spread to other sections forcing the captain to order the 300 people on board the evacuation of the vessel. The number includes the crew, scientific personnel and delegations from the Argentine three services."


Matti Merilä

Sääli että taas on suomalaisten rakentama "vesseli" isoissa ongelmissa maailman merillä.....
Ihmettelen vaan sitä, että jäänmurtaja pystyisi menemään vain metrin paksuisessa jäässä....????
Olenko tyhmä vai muuten vaan tollo?

Arne Wallen

Jos se on vaan sellanen wannabee murtaja ;D

Kimmo Rantanen

Pääasiallisestihan A.I. toimii huolto-, majoitus- ja tukialuksena Etelämantereelle matkaaville tutkijoille ja turisteille. Sen päätarkoitus ei siis olekaan suomalaiseen tapaan toimia väyliä avaavana ja muita laivoja avustavana jäänmurtajana...

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Jari Aromaa

Tilannetiedotus aluksen tilasta, saatu MARHST-listan kautta:

From Lloyds List

London, May 9 -- A press report, dated today, states: Damage sustained by the Argentine icebreaker Almirante Irizar when fire broke out on board, is far more serious than originally announced and full repairs could take more than the estimated two years the Buenos Aires press revealed this week. Although when the vessel was finally towed back to Puerto Belgrano Captain Guillermo Tarapow, optimistically declared that "85% of the vessel had been saved", the fact is that not only the generator-room, where the fire started, and the engine-room were razed but it now appears the labs, refrigerated samples, scientific research records, sophisticated equipment and even experts' notebooks were a total loss. According to the Buenos Aires press, Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Daniel Oscar Camponovo presided over an emergency meeting with delegates from the different offices involved in Argentina's Antarctic operations and following a primary assessment of the situation it was agreed that in the most optimistic of scenarios, "it will take over two years to have Almirante Irizar back in action". "We're facing a non declared emergency situation", said General Camponovo. The icebreaker is the backbone of Argentina's Antarctic operations and a very efficient logistics tool in supplying the country's several bases and stations, including some which can only be reached by breaking through the ice casket. Almirante Irizar's generator-room caught fire in mid April, in the South Atlantic when the vessel was on its closing trip of the 2006/07 Antarctic campaign. Brazil and Britain have offered their Antarctic vessels to help Argentina with its operations in the coming summer campaign (2007/08). The Buenos Aires press further revealed that the helicopter hangar on the Almirante Irizar was also engulfed by fire and spare parts, plus an additional turbine for the Sea King helicopter, have been lost, "leaving the Argentine Navy with virtually a single Sea King and almost no spares". Julio Cesar Urien, CEO of the Rio Santiago dry docks, (one of the possible places to rebuild the Almirante Irizar), is quoted by the press saying that the overall job is "relatively simple" because the hull and superstructure have been saved, but the rest, the "heart and brains" of the vessel have to be assembled "brand new from scratch".

Tuomas Romu

Almirante Irizarin korjaus on päättynyt, 8 vuotta tulipalon jälkeen:

LainaaSener has completed the refit of the 'Almirante Irizar' icebreaker following a fire onboard back in 2007.

Around 75% of the vessel's lower structures from the hull, decks and superstructures aft were severely or "totally" affected by the fire. Pipes, fittings and auxiliary equipment, ventilation ducts, cable trays, cables laid and distribution panels located aft were also completely ruined or heavily damaged.

On top of this, all the main and auxiliary diesel generators were lost, as well the main and secondary distribution cabinets and the emergency generator.

Almirante Irizar's electric propulsion engines and the auxiliary propulsion equipment suffered minor damage, caused by the smoke and high temperatures, while the outer shell and wing tanks, and the accommodation did not suffer any damage.

The scope of the refit project included refurbishment and enlargement of accommodation areas, to fit up to 313 people, enlargement of the research area onboard to provide a total of 400m² as well as an enlargement of the liquid cargo capacity to 650m³ and the cargo hold capacity to 930 tonnes for dry cargo and 120m³ for refrigerated cargo.

For the refit, new structures were connected to original ones, as were pipes and auxiliary structures. This required more than 1,500 hours of measuring onboard for a newly developed CAD 3D model using Sener's FORAN V60R3.0 CAD/CAM system.

The company modelled and renovated 12,000m of pipe, 2,500m of electric cable trays and 2,250m of HVAC ducts.

Sener says one of the most challenging aspects of the refit project was preparing the vessel for the IMO and SC rules, due to major changes in classification rules since the vessel was originally built back in 1978.
All information and details given in good faith but not guaranteed!

Kalle Id

Parempi myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan. ::)

Mutta vakavasti ottaen on hienoa, että tämä sinällään varsin uniikki alus saatiin taas kuntoon.

Tuomas Romu

Wärtsilän 1970-luvun lopussa rakentama Almirante Irízar on peruskorjauksen jälkeen muuttunut enemmän tutkimuspainotteiseksi, joten sen rinnalle tarvitaan toinen jäissäkulkuinen alus kuljettamaan rahtia ja polttoainetta Argentiinan Etelämantereella sijaitseviin tukikohtiin. Aluksen suunnittelijaksi on valittu suomalainen Aker Arctic ja se rakennetaan Argentiinalaisella telakalla.

Alun perin Argentiina kaavaili ostavansa P&O:n käytöstä poistaman, niin ikään Wärtsilän suunnitteleman Aurora Australiksen, mutta tämä hanke ei toteutunut.

Argentina designs a new polar ship together with Finland
Tandanor will build a new icebreaker for the Argentinian Navy

All information and details given in good faith but not guaranteed!