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Seven missing as cargo ship sinks off China
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Seven missing as cargo ship sinks off China

David Badger | Tue, 22 Nov 2011

Helicopters and military vessels in search for crew members
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Seven seafarers are missing and 14 others were rescued after a South Korean cargo vessel sank in the South China Sea yesterday.

The Bright Ruby, which survived an encounter with Somali pirates in 2008, foundered about 650km south of Hong Kong while sailing through heavy seas for China from Penang in Malaysia, according to Seoul’s Foreign Ministry.

Six South Korean and eight Burmese crew members were rescued by nearby ships but three Koreans and four Burmese were still missing, one official said.

Hong Kong rescue authorities sent rescue helicopters and China was set to deploy two military ships to support the rescue, the official added.

It was not immediately clear why the vessel sank, but it was presumed to have been battered by high waves and strong winds.

In September 2008 the Bright Ruby was hijacked by Somali pirates off the Gulf of Aden. The vessel and eight South Korean crewmen were released after 37 days in captivity.
"Heavy on Heavya"